CR founder, Elizabeth Kott, sits down w/ Racked LA :

Born in LA but raised in Michigan, Closet Rich founder Elizabeth Kott moved back to Cali after graduating from Michigan State. It was during her time with Rachel Zoe, where she helped launch The Zoe Report, that she realized that fashion girls acquire a lot of stuff. Not being a huge fan of eBay, she wished there was a service for those in-the-know to sell their pre-loved merch. Now, there is.

Kott launched Closet Rich, her online consignment store aimed at the fashion elite, with three product criteria: 1) quality, 2) if her customers will like it and 3) if she likes it. ("It’s this really hard system of, if I think it’s cool," she explains.) Back in August, Kott also began writing and filming Closet Rich comedic sketches that have been a big hit over at Funny or Die. Of course, you can shop everything in the video. Fashion and laughs? You’re welcome.

We hear that you moonlight as a DJ for your friends’ comedy shows, what are three songs on your setlist?
“‘Creep’ by TLC because everyone always knows the first four beats, ‘A Milli’ by Lil’ Wayne and ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ by Peaches.”

Spring or Summer?

What do you do to fall asleep at night?
“I turn on NPR, I have it on my phone. They usually have the BBC from the UK so it’s the British accent and it’s great.”

What was your last big purchase?
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